It’s good to sleep. You will forget all your worries and get rid of them for a while. tuft and needle believes that everyone should get a good night’s sleep. It’s a lifestyle brand that allows everyone to be happier, healthier, and more at peace with themselves by sleeping in the comfort of their dream bed foam.


The flagship Tuft and Needle Original mattress is the entry-level choice for mattress newcomer Tuft and Needle. Made in the USA, it’s for all types of sleepers and anyone who wants a comfortable, simple mattress. It consists of 6 inches of stabilizing support foam and 3 inches of Tuft and Needle adaptive foam. The adaptive foam is infused with graphite and ceramic gel to help wick away heat. Its open-cell construction contours and supports your body, even as you toss and turn at night.


The Tuft and Needle Original mattress follows U.S. sizing practices. It comes in six sizes, from twin to California King. Next we’ll examine the Original’s construction, performance and comparison to other similar mattresses to help you determine if it’s right for you.

Introduction to Tuft & Needle Original

Known as the Tuft & Needle flagship Mattress, the Tuft & Needle Original Mattress is a simple, all-foam, two-layer mattress that fits many light- or medium-weight sleeper types. It is 10 inches tall and features a thin, soft, breathable cover. The top layer contains T&N Adaptive Foam, which is infused with ceramic gel beads and heat-absorbing graphite to keep you cool while you sleep. Since many foam mattresses tend to absorb a lot of heat, Tuft & Needle Original is a good choice if you want an all-foam mattress that’s less likely to overheat you.


With the Tuft & Needle Original, you’ll sink in slightly, but walking around won’t be a problem. It’s important to note that you won’t get that slow sinking sensation that you may find with other memory foam mattresses.


While the Original is a quality mattress, you will only be able to sleep comfortably on it for about five years. If you are a heavier sleeper, the Tuft & Needle may be too thin for you. You should probably look for thicker coils to provide more support.


If you are a side sleeper, you will find that the T&N Adaptive foam is very soft and will not feel like you are sinking into the water. As a stomach sleeper, you may find it too soft to keep you out of alignment. T&N Adaptive foam absorbs a lot of movement, so if you’re sleeping with a partner, you’re less likely to hear or feel too much movement from them.


It may collapse slightly as you get closer to the edge. While you may not feel like you’re rolling out of bed, Tuft & Needle Original’s edge support isn’t the best.

Tuft & Needle Original mattress design

Certified foam mattresses

A mattress is something that you will spend a third of your life on. It’s important that it’s not only comfortable, but also made from quality materials that support a healthy lifestyle.Tuft & Needle offers certified foam mattresses, which means they go through a rigorous process to ensure the materials meet high standards of quality.

The topper consists of a cover made of a micro-polyamide and polyester blend that wraps around the mattress. The material has a soft feel and is also quite breathable.

The comfort layer consists of 3 inches of T&N Adaptive Foam. This proprietary foam is high-density and contributes to its durability. While it supports the sleeper to relieve pressure points, it is infused with graphite and ceramic gel to carry heat away rather than trapping it in the sleeper’s body.

A 7-inch layer of foam acts as the support core. The foam has an open-cell structure so air can circulate through it to help cool the mattress. Because of its high density, the layer resists sagging and long-term impressions while providing uniform support.

Tuft & Needle Original is medium firm. For most people, the feel may strike a comfortable balance between softness and support.

Tuft & Needle Original mattress size and price


Dimensions Shipping Box Size Shipping Weight
Twin 39"W X 75"L X 10"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 50 Lbs
Twin XL 39"W X 80"L X 10"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 52 Lbs
Full 54"W X 75"L X 10"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 63 Lbs
Queen 60"W X 80"L X 10"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 72 Lbs
King 76"W X 80"L X 10"H 19"W X 19"L X 44"H 94 Lbs
Cal King 72"W X 84"L X 10"H 19"W X 19"L X 44"H 94 Lbs


You will be hard pressed to get a quality mattress from a well-known brand for less than the price of a Tuft & Needle Original – just over $600 for a queen bed, compared to about $1,000 for most well-known companies. The value of this mattress is amazing. It feels so good to sleep on – even better than some of the more expensive beds I’ve tried – that I have to wonder why this company charges so little relative to the competition.

I’m a firm believer in investing in your sleep – it’s vital to your short and long term health, and standing up is good for your mood, focus, energy levels, etc. There’s no getting around the fact that mattresses are expensive, but Tuft & Needle gives you the option to make a less costly investment that still benefits your night’s rest.


Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress VS Nectar Mattress

The American-made Nectar mattress and the basic Tuft and Needle mattress share several design similarities: they are both responsive foam mattresses that use thermal core suction technology. But the Nectar is more expensive, but it offers 4 layers of the latest Hi – tech foam technology. Tuft and Needle is cheaper, but only gives you two layers of very basic foam.

Tuft and Needle mattresses are moderately firm, and they get softer over time, so they may be less suitable for heavier people. Although Nectar mattresses are also classified as medium firm, it is more accurate to describe them as medium firm. This subtle difference makes them more suitable for people who sleep on their sides or backs.

Tuft and Needle has a balanced foam feel that is both soft and responsive; we sink into the mattress, but have no problem moving around. -which makes moving around and repositioning less of a problem.


Nectar handles motion transfer better than Tuft and Needle because it has memory foam on top. This material is known for isolating motion very well, and we see less transfer on Nectar. Those who need the best mattress for couples should consider the Nectar mattress.

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress VS Casper Element

Those who purchase simple foam mattresses may encounter the Tuft & Needle Original and Casper Element.

Both are made from a high-density foam base and a softer foam topper with cooling capabilities. With Element, you get Casper’s proprietary AirScape foam, which is perforated to allow hot air to escape, and Tuft & Needle also offers cooling power through its open-cell T&N adaptive foam, which promotes air circulation in the mattress and contains graphite to carry heat away from the body.

The queen Tuft & Needle Original retails for more than $800, while the queen Casper Element is a few hundred dollars cheaper at more than $600. Since these two entry-level mattresses are very similar, it comes down to price. If you’re looking to save money, the Element is your best bet.

Our Verdict

After exploring each of its features and quality characteristics, we have finally concluded that the Tuft & Need Original mattress is well worth buying if you are looking for a quality memory foam mattress at an affordable price. Not only is it designed to keep you cool at night, but it is also very comfortable for those who need the right balance of firm support and softness for a good night’s sleep.

I think the best feature is that it actually eliminates the vibrations created by a restless partner. You can sleep all night while your partner gets in and out of bed or moves around. It is ultimately perfect for all types of people.