Arizona-based Tuft & Needle was one of the early leaders in box motion mattresses. The company manufactures a range of sleep products, including bed frames, bedding and mattresses. Mattress models include the Signature All-Foam Tufted and Needle Mattress, the Hybrid Mattress and the Peppermint Mattress. This review will focus only on Tuft & Needle Mint.

Tuft & Needle Mint is the company’s deluxe all-foam model. Like Tuft & Needle, Mint uses a proprietary T&N adaptive foam and foam core. While Tuft & Needle uses only one layer of T&N Adaptive foam, Mint uses two layers to provide additional support and pressure relief. Because Mint uses more material, it is also slightly more expensive.

We’ll examine the Mint’s construction, performance and comparison to other similar mattresses to help you determine if it’s right for you.

Introduction To Tuft & Needle Mint

The Tuft & Needle Mint is a step above Tuft & Needle’s flagship Original mattress. It’s a three-layer, all-foam mattress with a soft top layer, a firmer transition layer and a firmer bottom layer. When you lie on it, you can expect a slightly more resilient foam feel than traditional memory foam, allowing you to easily switch positions without feeling stuck. It allows your hips to sink and conforms nicely to the contours of your body, especially if you’re a light or medium weight sleeper. But you won’t get the “hug-like” feeling you get from a traditional memory foam mattress.

Professional reviewers say the Mint’s relatively low motion transfer means it’s a good choice if you’re sleeping with a partner and don’t want to feel a lot of motion. Regarding edge support, you shouldn’t feel like you’re rolling out of bed thanks to a firmer base layer. This is an added benefit because full foam mattresses are usually weaker in the edge support department.

Mid-weight side sleepers who want a softer mattress that relieves pressure well at an affordable price may benefit from Tuft & Needle Mint. It’s also great if you wake up feeling hot because the top layer of foam is infused with graphite to carry the heat away from your body, the middle layer has cooling gel, and the transition layer has cooling gel.

If you are a sleeper or a heavier sleeper, it may be better to use a firmer, more supportive mattress, possibly a hybrid model with coils. The support of the mint may not be enough to prevent your hips from sinking and keeping your spine out of alignment.

The Tuft & Needle Mint comes with a 100-night sleep test, so you can test it before you submit it. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can rest easy. These are the standards of the mattress industry.

Tuft & Needle Mint mattress construction

Three layers of foam give tufted and needle mint mattresses a unique feel.

The comfort layer uses 3 inches of T&N Adaptive foam, while the transition layer is 2 inches of the same material.T&N Adaptive foam is a high-density foam designed to conform to the contours of the pillowtop and relieve pressure points without building up heat. Graphite injected into the comfort layer carries heat away from the body, while ceramic gel beads in the transition layer add cooling. A support core made of 7-inch high-density foam provides an even flat surface while preventing indentations and sagging.

A knit cover of micro polyamide and polyester blend wraps the mattress. This material is embedded with an antimicrobial protector designed to prevent microorganisms, including harmful bacteria, from affecting the life of the mattress. The cover is breathable, so warm air can dissipate from the mattress.

Mint has a firmness option that rates 6 on a 10-point firmness scale, or a “medium-firm” feel. Most sleepers will likely find this medium-firm comfort level comfortable.

Tuft & Needle mint mattress size and price


Dimensions Shipping Box Size Shipping Weight
Twin 39"W X 75"L X 12"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 50 Lbs
Twin XL 39"W X 80"L X 12"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 52 Lbs
Full 54"W X 75"L X 12"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 66 Lbs
Queen 60"W X 80"L X 12"H 19"W X 19"L X 44"H 80 Lbs
King 76"W X 80"L X 12"H 19"W X 19"L X 44"H 100 Lbs
Cal King 72"W X 84"L X 12"H 19"W X 19"L X 44"H 100 Lbs


The Tuft & Needle Mint is one of the best foam mattresses at its price point. Priced between $600 – $1,200, it is very thick and pressure relieving. This is slightly lower than the average price compared to other similar mattresses. When it comes to foam mattresses, it’s neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. What’s more, T&N usually runs sales, so you may not have to pay full price.


Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress VS Purple Mattress

Sleepers in the bed-in-a-box mattress market may compare Tuft & Needle Mint Mattresses and Purple Mattresses. While both mattresses are made of three layers and feature a high-density base layer, they have different top layers.

The top layer of the Mint is a proprietary foam containing graphite, which has heat-absorbing properties. On top of Purple, you’ll find a unique super-elastic gel material that is both supportive and pressure-relieving. Mint offers the traditional feel of a balanced foam. Purple is more responsive and resilient. The Purple Grid’s openings also make the mattress very breathable for hot pillows.

These mattresses are similarly priced, with the queen Mint priced at $1,195 and the queen Purple priced at $1,299. Overall, if you prefer the feel of foam and motion isolation, you may prefer tufted and needle mint. If you want a unique feel with the cradle, go for purple.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress VS Casper Original Foam

Those looking for a foam mattress may come across the Tuft & Needle Mint and Casper Original mattresses. both the Tuft & Needle Mint and Casper Original are 12-inch all-foam mattresses that offer a balanced foam feel. The mattresses are similarly priced, with the queen Tuft & Needle Mint costing $1,195 and the Casper Original costing slightly less at $1,095.

Both mattresses are similar in construction, consisting of three layers of foam, a dense foam base and a top layer designed for cooling. If you want to sink into the mattress or want something softer for side sleepers, the Mint is a better choice. The Casper’s middle layer contains a zoned support system that is more dense in the middle of the mattress to provide greater support for most of your weight. This may be a better option for stomach sleepers who need hip lift support.

Reasons to Buy Tuft & Needle Mint

The Tuft & Needle Mint mattress is one of the very few beds that scores 8.5/10 or higher in every category that affects sleep quality and performance. As a result, the Mint is an all-around premium all-foam mattress. If you prefer a soft and supportive bed, Mint is an excellent choice.

Mint is particularly suitable for couples due to its excellent motion isolation properties and supportive edges. We scored so high in our spine alignment and pressure relief tests that we recommend the Mint for sleepers with pain.