Mint Mattress

The Tuft & Needle Mint is a step above Tuft & Needle’s flagship Original mattress. It’s a three-layer, all-foam mattress with a soft top layer, a firmer transition layer and a firmer bottom layer. When you lie on it, you can expect a slightly more resilient foam feel than traditional memory foam, allowing you to easily switch positions without feeling stuck. It allows your hips to sink and conforms nicely to the contours of your body, especially if you’re a light or medium weight sleeper. However, you won’t get the “hug” feeling you get from a traditional memory foam mattress.

Finally, couples can agree on a mattress.

Two sleepers were considered when building the Mint mattress.

Peaceful and comfortable

A third layer, a mint layer, has been added to this mattress to reduce motion transfer and provide additional pressure relief and softness.

Progressive Support

Reinforced edges provide support for bedside sleepers and make it easier to get in and out of bed without disturbing your partner.

Luxurious, cool and comfortable

Mint features two layers of T&N Adaptive foam for personalized softness, support and heat regulation, with cooling ceramic gel and 30% more thermally conductive graphite than our T&N Original mattress.

Extra breathability

The graphite and cooling gel in our open-cell foam pulls heat away to help keep you cool while you sleep. The comfortable knit jacket is lightweight, so it will stay breathable through the night while you get the uninterrupted rest you need.

Mint was made with two sleepers in mind and additional features to achieve a truly elevated sleep.

1. Comfy

The mint layer provides additional pressure relief and softness.

2. Adaptive

The special open-cell foam is highly responsive.

3. Heat-trapping

The cooling ceramic gel keeps the heat away from your body.

4. Heat-wicking

An extra 30% of graphite can take away body heat.

5. Progressive Support

Support edges make it easier to get in and out of bed.

6. Long-lasting

The cover protects your mattress from microorganisms.

Luxury mattresses made and priced for everyone.

Mid-weight side sleepers who want a softer mattress that provides good pressure relief at an affordable price may benefit from the Tuft & Needle Mint. It’s also great if you wake up feeling hot because the top layer of foam is infused with graphite to carry heat away from your body, the middle layer has cooling gel, and the transition layer has cooling gel.

Mint has relatively low motion transfer, which means it’s a good choice if you’re sleeping with a partner and don’t want to feel a lot of movement. Regarding edge support, you shouldn’t feel like you’re rolling out of bed thanks to a firmer base layer. This is an added benefit because full foam mattresses are usually weaker in the edge support department.

The Tuft & Needle Mint comes with a 100-night sleep test, so you can test it before you submit it. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, so you can rest easy.


Dimensions Shipping Box Size Shipping Weight
Twin 39"W X 75"L X 12"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 50 Lbs
Twin XL 39"W X 80"L X 12"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 52 Lbs
Full 54"W X 75"L X 12"H 16"W X 16"L X 44"H 66 Lbs
Queen 60"W X 80"L X 12"H 19"W X 19"L X 44"H 80 Lbs
King 76"W X 80"L X 12"H 19"W X 19"L X 44"H 100 Lbs
Cal King 72"W X 84"L X 12"H 19"W X 19"L X 44"H 100 Lbs



Over 30% graphite is added to the top layer of foam, designed to take body heat away from you.

Cooling Gel Beads

When pressure is applied to the second layer of ceramic cooling gel beads, they stack on top of each other and form a unique cushioning support.

Plush-Knit Fabric

Designed with a thick, comfortable knit cover that stays breathable and includes HeiQ NPJ03 to protect your mattress from odor-causing bacteria that can affect its lifespan.

T&N Adaptive Foam

Invented with the help of top American chemists, this mattress foam is durable, breathable and safe and non-toxic.